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Actualizado: 8 dic 2022

Powerful questions for Supply Chain executives by JESUS MAZA
Powerful questions for Supply Chain executives by JESUS MAZA

Managing the continuous improvement.


In a highly changing and volatile world, it is necessary to frequently conduct a self-questioning of our processes to implement the changes that allow us to adjust, adapt and respond appropriately to these scenarios.

The following are a series of powerful questions that Accenture suggests as a guide for self-assessment. My recommendation would be to bring together a multidisciplinary team to evaluate how the company is performing in each question. Here, the input that each business unit can give us is critical to determine the opportunities to improve and fine-tune our financial and operational processes and algorithms.

💯Enjoy the trip answering the powerful questions and making changes.

❓ Are specific financial #performance#objectives (not just operational) quantified and well known?

❓Is your Supply Chain #Management financial model specifically tied to the relevant levers of shareholder/ owner value?

❓Is scenario #planning an integral part of your finance, sales, & operations planning process across varying time horizons?

❓Do you know on a monthly/ weekly/daily basis the operational opportunities for/limits of various supply chain operations to contribute to current period (typically quarterly) #financial#targets?

❓ Are your financial and operational target-setting and performance tracking risk-adjusted?

❓Is it clear how your business is choosing to compete uniquely in the market – product #innovation, customer experience, low cost, choice of offering, or speed to market?

❓Do you clearly understand how your business will drive its future growth (geographic expansion, product line extension or new channels)? Approach the supply chain as a value delivery system.

❓Has your supply chain been designed to have the optimal balance of fixed and variable #costs? • Do you know the direct contribution to corporate profit of every single link in the enterprise supply chain?

❓Are the #roles, capabilities, and limitations of supply chain partners (suppliers, customers, wholesalers/ distributors, third party service providers) well understood and similarly aligned in delivering endcustomer value? Segment the supply chain and consistently adapt it to the characteristics of each segment.

❓Are products and channels segmented in a meaningful manner that includes not only design traits and market relevance, but logistically-distinct handling and service characteristics?

❓Are #customers segmented based on behavioral characteristics, not just simplistic metrics such as industry category and size and is this segmentation tightly aligned across both the supply chain and commercial/ sales and marketing communities across the organization?

If you need assistance for developing the change strategy in your organization and move forward, feel free contact me any time. (

Source: #Accenture, High Performance in a Volatile World


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